It is time.

Healing and transformation.

To heal emotional injuries and/or physical ailments or symptoms, you need someone who can be a companion, a person who is sensitive and coolheaded and prudently points out what is important for finding the solution or what may stand in the way.

We create the space for you in which targeted healing is possible at your own pace, such as for

  • fears, phobias, panic attacks, pressures
  • traumas and states of shock, depression
  • burnout (fatigue depression)
  • difficulties in upbringing, school and development difficulties
  • concentration and sleeping disorders
  • problems with partner, family disputes
  • conflicts or strained relationships
  • lack of enthusiasm in life, feelings of emptiness, stagnation or senselessness
  • cardiovascular diseases, asthma
  • chronic pains, cancer, migraine and MS
  • disorders related to menopause (e.g. hot flushes)
  • allergies
  • other psychosomatic complaints, stage fright

You don’t have to come to my practice: all methods can be marvelously applied by telephone as well, sometimes even better.

As an experienced coach, I supply support for resolving crisis, conflict management, life counseling, overcoming grief, crisis of faith and concerning the meaning of life, finding yourself and attainment of goals.

Welcome to heilcraft®.



Du wirst immer genug Kraft haben, um das Richtige zu tun, aber nie genug Energie, um das Falsche aufrecht zu erhalten. Wie merkst du, dass du das Falsche tust? Du verlierst Energie. Folgen: Depressivität, Müdigkeit, Reizbarkeit, Unruhe, Konflikte, Krankheit. Wie bringst du deine Energie wieder in Schwung? Durch Ehrlichkeit, Vergebung und das Treffen längst überfälliger Entscheidungen. Denn nichts entzieht dir mehr Energie, als die Stimme deines Herzens zu ignorieren.

– unbekannter Autor –