Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting, a method developed by EFT master Karl Dawson, is a fabulous extension of the Emotional Freedom Techniques™, or EFT for short. The objective of this method is to consciously replace negative energy fields and traumatic images, which usually come into being during the childhood phase, with new sources of strength.

98 % of our daily behavior is controlled by subconscious programs. Most of them come into being during the first 7 years of our life as a result of small or major events. An experience that is irrelevant for adults may lead to a trauma for a child.

These programs are created through images of these past events that are stored in energy fields around us and are constantly experienced as being in the present by the subconscious (which knows neither space nor time). These fields cannot be clearly verified scientifically. They are based on the quantum field theory, which was elaborated by Einstein 100 years ago and substantiated by Max Planck in 1944. Today it is an established concept in modern physics.

In the case of traumatic experiences, so-called ECHOS (Energetic Consciousness Holograms) are created and permanently remain in the energy field, “keeping hold” of the traumatic events so we can continue to live our lives and don’t have to constantly reexperience a trauma.
They thus definitely perform a meaningful and vital function.

This state of preconscious programming in a person’s life generates continuous stress in the course of the years. At the same time the body, brain and psyche adapt to this stress so the human system as a whole can continue to exist. There is documented proof that changes occur on the chemical, hormonal, cellular and DNS level, leading to emotional and/or physical ailments.

Matrix Reimprinting does away with these images once and for all and replaces them with meaningful and powerful resources.