I would be glad to welcome you to my practice. However, I am just as willing to work on the telephone since energy knows no boundaries. You can, of course, also reach me via Skype at: ute.holcombe

1 session of 60 minutes for one person: EUR  80.
1 session for 2 people: EUR 120.

Each 15 minutes: EUR 20. You are paying for the booked time not for my work which can vary during this timeperiod.

1 walk on the phone: EUR 160 incl. preliminary talk, walk, elaborate postprocessing, script and analysis (both in written form).

A follow-up talk on the phone for approx. 10 minutes after a constellation or another form of counseling is free of charge for you. This also applies to “emergency calls”. A detailed follow-up talk on the phone is charged like an individual session (see above).

I am also at your disposal on the weekend. If you aren’t able to see me at my practice, I would be glad to come to you for individual sessions if we have met before in my practice. I charge EUR 10 for travel expenses.

My clients visiting me in my practice: Please pay the costs directly after the consultation.

Consultations via telephone or Skype: Please pay at the latest 7 days after the consultation via money transfer.

Therapy costs are assumed in part or in full by private health insurance schemes that include treatments by psychotherapists in accordance with the Health Practitioners Act. The same applies to some supplementary insurance schemes for coverage in addition to statutory health insurance. Since the rules within the individual health insurance companies and schemes differ greatly, I recommend that you clarify possible cost coverage with the respective office before starting treatment.

Should you be unable to come, please cancel the appointment at least 24 hours in advance. I hope you understand that I have to charge for a non-canceled appointment if I can’t make other arrangements on the basis of one hour (EUR 80).

You will find the seminar prices in the section Workshops & Seminars.

I reserve the right to change prices at any time.