Good vibrations.

“Theta” refers to a slow and powerful brain wave frequency (4-7 cycles a second) that we reach in REM or dream sleep and which is used in hypnosis. The everyday waking consciousness of a grownup, by contrast, is characterized by Beta waves (14-30 Hz).

On a Theta wave we are particularly receptive to suggestions and not only have enhanced intuitive access to the subconscious programs that have a major influence on our lives, but also to our creative abilities – an ideal state, therefore, for consciously making changes.

In the Theta state we can also perceive the messages of our higher consciousness most clearly. In Thetafloating® we use this frequency in a targeted manner to track down and eliminate, outside the mind, blocks situated deep in body consciousness. For this purpose an imaginative technique is employed by means of which our resistance and fears are allowed to interact with each other in a playful fashion. The information that comes to us on the Theta level directly from the source causes the old patterns to collide and disappear.

It is systematically brought into line with the intentions of your soul, i.e. with what you want be at the bottom of your heart.

You can learn ThetaFloating® easily. The principle is very simple and even the smallest maneuvers can unfold a big impact on your life. Incorporate it into your daily life and “reprogram” yourself.