Advanced training with US-actor Joseph Culp August 5th/6th 2012 in Hannover, Germany
What an exiting, interesting and informative weekend! Wonderful to experience walking with that person who also brought it into this world. Joseph, who has been using Walking In Your Shoes for many years in the artistic as well as in the therapeutical field, impressingly conveyed how he handles this method, how he finds the best in each walk and how immense the possibilities are with this method.
I learned a lot.
Thanks Joseph, for your patience, persistence, commitment and unconditional kindness.

What is EmoWalk?

Condensed info:
Walking is a body-mind-process in which you use your natural gift of spontanious empathy and compassion to temporarily dissolve your sense of ego – the „I“ – and are able to embody other people, beings, states, aspects, organs, diseases, plants, buildings, organisations, business companies etc. Thus you are able to gain information you didn’t have prior to the walk, information that make decisions easy and enable you to spring into action. Walking combined with EFT (Emotional Freedom technique) and systemic elements allows you to instantly resolve blockages for the walked being.
Walks take between 10 and 30 minutes.

I cordially invite you to spend 5 minutes of your time for the fascinating detailed info:

A few years now I have been working with Walking In Your Shoes (short WIYS) – a tremendously effective method to simplify life, gain needed information, understand two- and fourlegged beings (and beings without legs!) and to find inner peace and keep it for good.

Originally, actor Joseph Culp, fellow artists and psychologist John Cogswell developed WIYS in the late 1980s to let actors dive deeper into their roles and characters. But soon they discovered that this method could also be used in daily life with amazing results.
Walking is a body-mind-process in which you use your natural gift of spontanious empathy and compassion to temporarily dissolve your sense of ego – the „I“ – and are able to embody other people, beings, states, aspects, organs, diseases, plants, buildings etc.
The so-called„walker“ uses the existing fields of information which surround us always and everywhere. And whose existence is little by little grudgingly accepted by science.

It sounds a little far out there – and yes, it is, but it is also very practical and repeatable. I have to admit though that I don’t know how the information download during a walk. And for me, that is not the most important question. But what is important, is the incredible abundance and precision of the received information and the constant positive effects. As a walker, you have access to information that you didn’t have prior to the walks. Your consciousness moves to some place else and comes back with what you need.

How to
Chosen as a representative from the group (when working with a single client , the therapist does the walk) you get up, state the intention „I am now xxxx“ and start walking, physically moving in the space, holding the stated intention. Pay attention to what then happens in your body, your mind, your psyche, what happens to your thoughts, emotions – how your inner life changes. Follow these inputs. You get all these information that you didn’t have before and shifts in consciousness just happen with ease. You don’t have to „empty“ yourself, meditate, wear only white clothes, sing mantras etc. It is simply natural. Get up, state your intention and start walking.  You don’t have to interpret. Stay present, stay in this moment, listen to your body, your emotions. And RELAX! Go always back to the body because the body is present, it is your antenna.

We are a fusion of flesh and spirit – we use the body because that is how we were born to be able to live on this plain. And we can use this body to get access to other plains and realms. The body is our friend and in EmoWalk we use it as a friend who knows more than we do.
So, all the impressions in a walk add up to a complex picture – like in a tapestry where the pattern, woven with many different threads, finally forms a picture.

Why to
There are so many benefits – understanding for yourself, finding your „dark spots“. Or insight into another person, his/hers life and demeanour. Understand other beings which cannot talk to us.
Or if you are a therapist – get providing information when walking a „difficult“ client and thus gain helpful understanding and new aspects.
But there is also the possibility to come to decisions with ease, on a much deeper level than reason – on the level of knowing. There we don’t make decisions – they find us.

…was and still am thrilled by WIYS. Nevertheless I began to miss something, it didn’t feel „complete“. That has never been a conscious thought but was a subtle knocking at the periphery of my mind.
This knocking came up especially when I conducted walks for beings which suffered from their feelings and unnoticed needs but could not make themselves heard.

From  WIYS to EmoWalk
I would like to tell you how EmoWalk came into being.

The other day, I did a walk for a client who had problems with her teenage son of 15. He refused to go to school, spent the whole day in front of TV, hardly talked to her and was very aggressive. She was scared of her own son and asked me to walk him because she simply didn’t know anymore how to handle the situation. So I stated my intention “I am now xxxx”and started the walk. The boy’s aggression hit me instantly…..and dissolved the next second. Instead a deep and overwhelming sadness sneaked in, despair, hopelessness, the feeling of falling into a deep hole without bottom. All very intense emotions.

The usual procedure would have been to add a few minutes and wait for more information, then end the walk and let the client go home with the new knowledge. But this moment something was different – the urge to work with EFT on this condition popped out of nowhere. After just one round of tapping all these feelings were gone completely. A deep relaxation came up and also something like „Okay, that’s my life, I chose it and I will make the best of it.” That was the end of the walk. (There was much more information in this walk, but that would lead too far here).
Nine days later my client called and told me about the „miraculous“ changes in her son – no more aggressiveness, he resumed his basketball training and went back to school. What touched her most though was that one day he sneaked up on her from behind and gave her a long, tight, loving hug, without saying a word. Something he hasn’t been doing for more than a year. We didn’t have to „dig“ and find out why her son had all these feelings – we simply went with the received information.

After this initial spark I had more and more clients with concerns that were just perfect to get dissolved with EmoWalk, the combination of walking + EFT. I love the law of attraction!

A lady had bought a pony to keep her single ridinghorse company. After a few weeks, this animal developed a rash that seemed to be uncureable; vets, homoeopaths, animal communicators and even healers couldn’t help. The information I received in the walk: The pony was not young anymore and had lived through years of hardship in a riding school. It was very sad and bitter and never ever wanted to have anybody sitting on its back again. In the walk I released sadness und bitterness with EFT and even went to the future and to the possibility that perhaps it might allow one day some friendly and gentle kids to ride on his back. Result: The rash was gone after five days and never came back. And after six weeks, the ladies’ two nieces were able to ride the pony without any problems.
Another case: A young, exhausted first-time-mom came to me with her newborn baby – the doctor diagnosed it a so-called cry-baby. The crying only happened at night, during the day everything was just fine. Having no experience as a mother, she was desperate and didn’t know what to do anymore. In the walk we received the information that the little boy was simply freezing at night and automatically cried to raise his body temperature. But because his mom didn’t know how to help him, he also generated  feelings of futility and hopelessness which were cleared with EFT.
And a thicker blanket did its bit.

…thus developed into a unique tool. It opens up countless possibilities of knowing, improving and healing. In the walks, I use what is needed to change the state of the walked being to the better. Sometimes a „plain“ walk is enough, when the client just needs information to be able to spring into action. Other times it is necessary to clear emotional blockages with EFT or integrate systemic elements to allow for healing.

Concealed walks
What I really like about this method is that it also works when nobody knows the concern of the walk – the client writes it on a piece of paper, hands it to the walker who puts it in his/her pocket and starts the walk with the words: „I am now that which is written on the piece of paper in my pocket.“ And off you go. So-calledconcealed walks“ make walking even easier – the information download without having to go through filters of the mind. And they’re fun!

Who and what to walk
The list is almost endless – here are just a few experiences: Walk your decisions (got two great job offers and don’t know which to choose? Walk them!), the house you’re going to move into; your boss, a colleague you’re having problems with, job-related projects, your own business; your future or special aspects of it; your loved ones; domestic and wild animals, plants, all other beings that cannot communicate with words (that includes autistic, dement or comatose people; babies, also inside the womb); inner organs, diseases, symptoms; your inner child, special aspects of your personality or your life. You can walk remedies like Bach Flowers or homoeopathy or even the medication you might have to take.

The energyfields of deceased persons are still present – I conducted wonderful walks where the client was able to resolve something or was given the chance to reconcile with a deceased loved one in a walk. I had to discover though that the longer the person has been gone, the harder it is to tune into the field and receive information. It feels like tuning into a fine mist.

There is more
Another helpful aspect of walking which is not to be underestimated is that you can walk someone who might have the qualities you want to develop more within yourself. E. g. if you are more of a shy person, you can walk someone who – in your opinion or experience – has a strong and expressive personality. You can step in hers/his shoes and experience what it is like to be that way, to be outgoing and not shy and afraid of people. This experience gives you the chance to eventually change that aspect of you. You keep something, an echo, from this experience inside that helps you develop this quality within you.

Happy walking!

Trainings for EmoWalk and WIYS on demand.