The way I work

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

I am an energist. The focus of my work is on getting the blocked energy in a person’s body and spirit to flow again in different ways. The free flow of this force is decisive for health or sickness, joy or sorrow, stress or harmony. Even conventional medicine is now aware of this.

That’s why I have specialized in so-called energetic psychotherapy and its methods – again and again people reach a point in life when a solution cannot be found simply through talks and conversations.

In energetic psychotherapy words are the messengers and the path leading to the goal – the actual solution, however, lies on a deeper emotional and often even cellular level. Not “made” from the outside, but through your own doing inside.

I give you the support you need. The crucial factor here is not applying certain methods, but determining what helps you to find the solution. Not treating you from a “higher” position, but by working together in cooperation. Building a relationship is the key, thus openness towards each other is a powerful tool.

Of the many methods and approaches I’ve learned, experience and knowledge have remained – these have become the “gems” of the work in my practice:

I have learned all the techniques I use through in-depth education and training courses, either from certified teachers of the respective method or their founders. You can take a look at the documents verifying this at any time, as well as my license as a health practitioner for psychotherapy.