Systemic Constellations

Often you can see clearly just by changing your perspective.

We are all caught up in systems. It begins with our family of origin as the original system, followed by the family that we start ourselves.
The company we work for is also a system that we belong to. The same applies when we are active in a club or other organization.
In addition, the pets we “own”, such as cats, dogs or horses, are part of our system.

If something in the system gets out of balance, we feel the consequences immediately. In your personal sphere it may be useful, e.g. in the case of severe depressions, dangerous diseases (cancer, MS) or suicidal tendencies, to look for the possible cause through a constellation – a cause that may go back for generations and be connected to people who we have perhaps never met or are already dead.
If the basic order in the company where we work is disturbed, impacts occur there, such as disputes among colleagues, mobbing, decline in sales, etc. Here again a constellation can clarify the situation.

Another interesting use of constellations can be found in the entertainment field. Screenplay constellations are carried out to optimize the characters and give actors an effective opportunity of intensively grappling with their role. This method was applied, for instance, for the film “The Lives of Others” (2006, director: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck).

Anyone wishing a constellation, but not willing to wait for a group seminar, can take advantage of the opportunity of an individual constellation. I nearly always carry out this type of constellation where people create their inner and outer reality: in their imagination. If necessary, however, figures on a board representing the respective people are also used.

An intensive experience awaits you!